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Tremauré Reborn

   Black werewolves? It’s about time. Follow Damien Nichols, who finds out he's a werewolf years after he's attacked as a child. While searching for a cure and the one who bit him, he’s Unable to. Damien, now accepting his fate, meets other werewolves like himself who form a pack to try to protect one another. 


  Over time, Damien finds out about werewolf hunters known as Tailors and that there’s a Werewolf's Council that strives to keep werewolves a secret from the rest of the world. This also causes an internal conflict between those who were born and those who were bitten. After fighting to save another werewolf’s life, Damien becomes the Tremauré, the first werewolf, who tasks Damien with protecting every werewolf in existence.


  Now, Damien must find his purpose with this new power, and his pack behind him. Upon searching for answers, he finds more about his family's history and what he must do to protect all of werewolf kind.

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